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Sounds to dance ... or not!

Listen to it or put it in the trash

What do we propose?

Authentic music for an authentic life


A A. Pop, Electro,
Slow, you find the original pieces,
A little barred, but not too much.
If you don't dance, you're not a real man!

First single released on September 19, 2017
Scheduled for release in January 2017


Morodorienne to wish, the ideal music
For your next road trip it's a Fallenbrides.
You still don't know where you're going?
Come on up, we're not!


An ideal soundtrack for Rainy road movie.
Hang in there, put on the bottom and don't push too much,
Fallenbrides It could be deadly.


A double vinyl collector resulting from a collaboration
With the legendary Gay rodeo label. The must of the cheap music.
The only production of the combo 10 cow To this day.

Soon back in remastered version.


You want to bleed ears? Trying Slk,
An industrial sound and a stripper,
Not to put between all ears.

Soon back in remastered version.


The decadent is one of those micro underground group
From the end of the 80 years. Of the Hairdresser Boy music,
Neo-Romantic and in French in the text.
Ultra Confidential, listen.

Soon back in remastered version.